I have been a customer of PhysiPak since approximately 2007, and even my move to Canberra has not stopped me from buying these really great heat packs.

With numerous injuries (and cold Canberra winters), I really can’t imagine life without a Physi Pak heat pack.

I thoroughly recommend them.


Retail Customer

Hi Deb,

Just wanted to thank Physi Pak for the fast efficient service and a great product.

Cheers Ken

Retail Customer

Hi – I just wanted to thank you for your amazing products!  I am waiting for my own delivery but in the meantime  I stole my mum’s Physi Pak to use after I had came out of major surgery just over a week ago. My mum was given one from a physio visit and as soon as she heated it up and placed it on my shoulders, not even 3 days after my surgery from my c5/6 disc fusion, it just felt like a warm hug. The weight the warmth was nothing I had had before from any other heat pack and now I’m addicted. I’m raving to all my friends now about Physi Pak. I’m also in the process of opening up my own little boutique/homewares gift shop and I love this product so much that I want to have it to sell in my own shop as I can now say how amazing it is from my real experience 😊 thank you again Deb you have been amazing even with the mess up with my order and fixing that up for no extra cost as it was technology’s fault not Debs just so that’s clear. Thank you Physi Pak ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🙌🏼

Keira White
Retail Customer

Physi Pak wheat packs are a convenient easy way to heat a tight muscle or stiff joint.

The quality of the wheat pack is first class and having separate sections ensures a good even distribution of heat making it very comfortable for the patient.

We use the Physi Pak Shoulder Pack as it is not too heavy and can mould to any body part especially the neck and shoulder.

I think patients like what they are familiar with , so when we treat them for neck pain they will be lying on them during the treatment session.
The weight is good but not too heavy.

Jim Eustace
Physiotherapist Brisbane

The wheat pack has arrived today, many thanks for ensuring that the gift arrived in time for Valentine day and also the beautiful way it was wrapped.

Kind Regards
Recently my ageing mother in the Netherlands was diagnosed with muscular rheumatism (Fibromyalgia) in her neck and shoulder area.Having had a lot of benefit from your Physi Pak wheat pack myself to treat a back injury I sent her a Neck Physi Pak as well to alleviate her pain.The relief was immediate. When she gets up in the morning she applies the Physi Pak before doing her exercises and she has full mobility back.She stopped taking painkillers and even started swimming and cycling again.Apart from the medical benefits she assures me that the Physi Pak helps her to keep warm in the fierce north European winter.

Deb, thank you for your prompt, impeccable service. I recommend you highly.

Rob G

Dear Deb and the Physi Pak team,

Just a quick note to say thanks for your wonderful heat packs.

So many great colours, we all have our favourite.

Your range, ordering system and friendly manner make the whole process of stocking Physi Paks so easy, giving us more time to do what we are good at, looking after our patients.

Thanks again

Sam Best-Lawson
Bracken Ridge Physiosolutions

I have been using Physi Pak wheat-filled hot packs for some months now. As A Manual Therapist doing almost exclusively hands-on treatments, I find the gentle heating offered by the Physi Pak units a great benefit prior to, or following application of techniques.

They’ve proved popular with patients as well, and sales have been going well.

I highly recommend this product!

Alison Bell
Practice Principal
The Source Physiotherapy, Dee Why NSW

Hi Deb,
I am so happy with the service and product quality I have received from Physi Pak.
I use them with my clients and also retail to them to take home and use.
I have had really positive feedback on how they love their Physi Pak and can’t believe how they actually went without one for so long!
I get comments on the quality of the product and how well they are made with easy to understand instructions. Keep up the great work. Look forward to speaking to you soon.


Heidi Silver
Body Spirit Soul

It has been an effortless relationship with Deborah and Physi Pak. It’s great to be able to provide such a simple and professional heat pack product to my clients. It has been a pleasure to deal with Deborah and Physi Pak, knowing the product quality and standard of service has ensured the shelves always have a quality product for sale. I am never in any doubt as to excellent standard of the heat packs I’m selling from Physi Pak. I highly recommend Physi Pak products.

Toni Trinca
Massage and Bodywork Therapist
Victoria Point Qld

As you will understand I am still trying to establish as lower baseline for my opiate intake, but I have already found the use of the packs excellent for lowering the need for as much hydrocodone ( Endone ) for breakthrough pain. Thanks for suggesting the large flat pack, excellent, even for draping over the back of my chair to give relief when I get ‘ vertical’. I have been through a couple of pain management programs in the past and I will definitely pass your details along to others in the group. All the best for now and thanks again, contact you shortly,


My order arrived this morning, much quicker than I had expected and I am totally satisfied with my first ever ‘on line” purchase.

Thank you.

Margaret P