Frequently Asked Questions

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What sort of microwave should I use to heat my Physi Pak?

Ensure that you use a microwave with a turntable that is working properly, so the wheat bag rotates freely to ensure even temperature distribution.
You MUST place the Physi Pak in the middle of the plate & it MUST NOT touch the sides or be able to fall over.
If the pack touches the sides of the microwave, it could stop the plate from moving & cause a HOT SPOT which could cause a fire!
Fold the pack as per the sections so heats evenly, or keep flat if your microwave allows.
DO NOT walk away from the microwave whilst your Physi Pak is being heated.

How long do I heat my Physi Pak for?

Each Physi Pak has a different heating time due to the weight.
ALWAYS Follow the heating  instructions on the sewn in label.
ALWAYS read the instruction card supplied before using your Physi Pak every time!
Every person has a different tolerance to heat, so please check the temperature on your body before using.
If too hot, wait for your Physi Pak to cool down.
ALWAYS follow the heating instructions given before use & check that you have selected the correct time ie 30 seconds NOT 30 minutes!
NEVER walk away from the microwave whilst your Physi Pak is heating.
Every microwave is different, so ALWAYS test the heat of the Physi Pak first, prior to placing on the body. NEVER use if TOO HOT!
Wait for the wheat pack to cool, then use once at correct temperature.

Can I use a conventional oven to heat my Physi Pak?

No! Only a microwave with a turntable can be used.

Can I wash my Physi Pak?

No! The wheat must not get wet.
If you have a stain on the fabric – a gentle alcohol wipe can be used to remove the stain.

Delivery Cost?

Delivery charges are based on weight, not where the parcel is being sent.
    • 0.001 – 0.2 kg  $6.60
    • 0.201 – 1.0 kg  $10.00
    • 1.001 – 2.0 kg  $14.00
    • 2.001 – 3.0 kg  $18.00
    • 3.001 – 10 kg  $25.00
    • 10.001 – 20 kg $28.00

How can I pay for my order?

Once you have checked out you will see alternative payment methods.

If paying with CREDIT CARD, simply enter your details.
Why does a verification box come up after I have entered my credit card details?:
 Banks are now ensuring that all Visa & MasterCard are secure so that no one can steal your card or number & purchase!
This means setting up a password with your banking institution.
Visa is called: Verified by Visa
Master card is called: Master Secure Code
If the window appears after you have entered your number, expiry date & last 3 digits on back of card asking for your password, this is what it is for. if you do not have one, please contact your bank. If you forget your password, they will email to you.

If you wish to pay via direct deposit, then click on the box that says
BANK TRANSFERS/DEPOSIT and if wanting to pay with cheque or money order, click on the box that says CHEQUE/MONEY ORDER.

If you make a mistake you can edit the order before you confirm.

Is there a Warranty?

In regards to Wheat Packs & Eye Pillows, we guarantee the item for 3 months for faulty workmanship such as a seam coming undone within this period, but we do not exchange any goods that have not been used correctly ie instructions NOT followed!
If you follow the instructions given, the wheat packs will never overheat and burn.
Faulty microwaves can damage your wheat pack when heating, so ensure your microwave has been tested and is up to date with this testing procedure. (Call your electrician for details).
Storage instructions also need to be followed as per instruction card to ensure vermin do not eat your wheat pack!

How long should my Physi Pak last?

We recommend that you replace your Physi Pak after 12 months if it has been used regularly. If it has been stored in the freezer and used only a little, it will last longer.
As soon as your Physi Pak does not retain its heat for as long as it did, it is time to throw it away and purchase a new one, as the wheat is now at its use by date. If you smell a burning smell it is also time to throw away your Physi Pak.
Once a wheat pack becomes old and has been heated a number of times, the internals can degrade and then when  heated, it can smolder and catch alight.

Do I have to set up an account?

No, you do not have to set up an account. There is a box to tick if you wish to, & then you will be asked to choose a username & password.

If you do not want to set up an account, please make sure this box in un ticked!